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Home Business Ideas

Home Business Ideas

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for bloggers to make money.
However, there are alternative methods to make money as a writer.

Aside from affiliate marketing, there are a few more methods to make money as a blogger:

Putting advertisements on your blog and being paid every time someone clicks on them.

Writing product or service evaluations for other businesses.
Make sure they're relevant to your target audience and aren't your primary source of material.
You may either compose articles for your client's blog or submit guest articles with links to your client's site to respected platforms.
Your customer will compensate you for publicizing their services and increasing their search engine rankings. 

You can start writing guest posts on sites like diigo.com 

This can help your site rank better on search engines by getting a dofollow backlink.

We've developed online as we've progressed in other ways, thanks to the advent of social networking and blogging; our online identities frequently reflect our real lives.
Our passions are focused on something particular, and these passions don't always fit into a general blog with broad subject matter – articles like these are sometimes overlooked or lost in the shuffle, and as a result, many bloggers believe they need a specialty to be heard.

As a result, blogs have become the equivalent of having two e-mail addresses: one for personal usage and the other for corporate use (and perhaps one for your alter ego).
One for consumers, one for staff, each with their own specialty within their own community

Home Business Ideas