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Rfid Tracking Stickers

Rfid Tracking Stickers

Almost every aspect of business and management processes needs the luxury RFID asset tracking provides, as they can acquire real-time information sacrosanct to the health of their business. Companies have now realized the importance of inventory tracking and that RFID tracking stickers are the solution to gain solid control of their supply chains.

RFID Stickers and Sectors Needed

Passive RFID tags have found their way into a lot of sectors to help manage important assets and products. Here is a list of different sectors where RFID stickers are important.

  1. Shipping Solutions

Products for individuals can be packaged and adequately tracked to give information from the movement to the time it gets to the doorsteps of individuals.

  1. Logistics Optimizations

RFID stickers can be used to lower the incidence of massive infiltration of counterfeit goods into the system as it helps to bring into light, goods that escape checkpoint examination.

This is an effective procedure because the stickers come with serial numbers which must be matched to the one reported on the bill of lading.

  1. Manufacturing Sector

RFID stickers help ensure a smooth manufacturing process through to the supply phase, as there is less room for errors, thereby ensuring that important figures that determine the margin for profit and loss are rightly attained.

Advantages of RFID Stickers

There are several advantages RFID sticker procures for users, they include:

  1. Reduced Cost Of Labor

The automated tendency of this process makes it unnecessary to involve more manual labour, as it also helps to reduce the error caused by workers or deliberately caused by untrustworthy staff.

  1. Assets Tracking

Knowing the particular location where your assets are placed or are being moved to is a very important advantage every equipment owner should have at their disposal.

  1. Simultaneous Reading

RFID Tags help to simplify the accumulation of data as they have the built-in capacity to take a distance reading of up to 4-20 metres enabling ease of work as compared to the more labouring physical process.

Enasys and Your Tracking Needs

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, saddled with the responsibility of creating RFID asset tracking software, our team of experts have years of top technological knowledge to call on, providing users with customized RFID devices for their tracking needs.

Our ServicesĀ 

In a bid to achieve maximum satisfaction for our esteemed clients, we offer extensive services that include:

  1. Hardware and Software Services

Custom-made devices that can fit into any object of choice of our clients.

  1. System Design Assistance

We go the extra mile, walking our clients through the basic procedure of their preferred design.

  1. Installation services

We do not just create RFID tags, we take it upon ourselves to install these devices on the objects of their choice.

  1. Customer support

We are always on hand to provide quality feedback to every enquiry made by our clients to ensure satisfaction.

RFID stickers have been found to have high performance despite how portable they are, they can be attached to vehicles, papers, plastics and attached to the wrist. Big brands and companies have upgraded how they go about managing their different assets through the use of RFID tracking assets, individuals who haven’t taken advantage of these innovations can click here.



Rfid Tracking Stickers

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